Your Guide to the 4th of July Festivities in Vancouver, WA

June 28th, 2018 by

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Celebrating the Fourth of July near Vancouver provides you with plenty of fun activities, whether you’re looking for something to do with the family or if you prefer an adults-only holiday. Below is your guide to the 4th of July festivities in Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas.

Fort Vancouver

Fort Vancouver delivers all the fun you could want, and residents from Wilsonville and Sherwood come in because of the event’s reputation. Head to the Pearson Airfield and see the free show starting around 10:05 PM on July 4th. Before the show, feel free to check out the historic area, and don’t forget to bring your blanket, snacks, and bug spray for the main event!

Additional Hot Spots

While Fort Vancouver is the most popular fireworks destination in the Tualatin area, there are others, such as:

  • Oregon Zoo

  • Mount Tabor Park

  • Tom McCall Waterfront Park

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